Vehicles on Iona

Iona is subject to a "Prohibition of Vehicles" Order that controls the type of vehicles allowed onto the Island. This Order was first introduced in 1978 to ensure the preservation of this popular island. Thousands of visitors travel to Iona each year, and we want to ensure that it continues to be a welcoming place. However it is also a small island, which doesn't have the space or infrastructure to cope with an increasing number of vehicles. 

In recent years, visitors have been granted permits to bring vehicles onto Iona for reasons that were not in keeping with the Vehicle Permit Policy.  This resulted in a marked increase in cars on the island, and concerns including road safety (especially for children), suitability of our roads for a higher volume of traffic, availability of parking, possible delays to emergency vehicles reaching incidents, and more generally, the unique atmosphere of the island being put at risk.

Based on a strong community mandate, we are now working with Argyll and Bute Council to enforce the existing Vehicle Permit Policy, whilst doing all we can to ensure that Iona continues to be a welcoming, open and accessible place.  This means that visitors are not permitted to bring their vehicles to the island, but if you are a blue badge holder with restricted mobility you may apply for a permit under certain exemptions.  There is also a good taxi service to help with transporting luggage and bike hire is available from Iona Craft Shop to help you get around during your stay. Some accommodation providers can provide a pick up and drop off service from the jetty, on request. Food and drink are available on the island through excellent local suppliers, shops, hotels, restaurant and cafe.

The permits are issued by Argyll and Bute Council and you can enquire about your eligibility or apply through the Council’s website

More information about how to get to Iona is available here.