Arriving to Iona the first time from Fionnphort is an experience that heightens your awareness of the natural world. The vivid colours of the waters, the open skies and above all the smell of the sea emphasise the prominence of the environment to Hebridean life. Crossing over on the small ferry, the sounds of the ubiquitous gulls can be accompanied by the screeches of Terns or the child like cries of the Kittiwakes. And in the waters, a rich marine ecosystem hosts an abundance of marine life, that occasionally sees dolphins jumping on the boat’s wake, or basking sharks swimming up the sound. It is an environment we are proud to share, and most importantly help protect.


Iona’s bird life is both prolific and ever changing with the seasons. Together with the sea-birds who both nest and visit the island, there are many land birds who call Iona home for at least part of the year.

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Sea Life

As an island with many accessible inlets and views over the water, we are dominated by our marine environment. Once you become aware of it, there is a captivating abundance of sea life on and around Iona.

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Wild Flowers

Iona is home to many different species of wild flowers, over sixty may be counted at midsummer. This is due to several factors, including climate and habitat.

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