Iona may be a small island but there is a big range of things to do! Whether you prefer to spend your time out and about exploring the land or sea (or shops) or in a quiet corner with a good book, there is plenty of information on the following pages to help your plan your ideal Iona holiday.


When viewed from the sea, you can understand why Iona is called a ‘small island with a lot of beaches’. The ragged outcrops of rocks enclose a multitude of white sandy stretches that offer everything from dramatic views, to hidden coves, to wide open spaces.

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Fishing is a quintessential part of island life and with the summer run of Mackerel shoaling around the Hebrides - it can be the easiest of afternoon tasks to land a basketful of those iridescent and gleaming beauties. Find out where to fish on Iona and more!

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Whilst there may be no high-street stores on Iona, there is indeed a variety of shopping opportunities for those visiting the Isle of Iona.

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Eating Out

Whether you are visiting Iona for just a few hours, or staying for a week, eating out on the island is something to very much look forward to!

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Walking On Iona

The joy of Iona is that everything on the island is happily reached on foot. And though relatively small, the island has a wide variety of places to enjoy from the beautiful beaches that surround Iona to the high point of Dun I which affords dramatic views of the surrounding islands.

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Boat Trips

For many of the visitors to Iona, whether on a day trip or an extended stay, the highlight of their experience is taking a boat trip around the immediate area.  Find out more and book your trip now!

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